The DREAMTRACK paragon is fueled by passion – a willingness to get up every morning with a taste on the tip of your tongue, a dream in your heart – and a unquenchable thirst in your soul.

This unquenchable thirst is driven by a desire to achieve a ambition, to transform your life, to reach your goals and find happiness. Dreams and education are symbiotic partners, dreams provide the vision – while education provides the tools, the options, opportunities, and possibilities.


Consciousness – discovering and understanding who you are, your history, and the continued struggle for dignity, respect, and personhood.

Commitment – everyday every hour, the focus and desire – the commitment to prepare, to put up are shut up, to forego some of the parties, to sacrifice the pleasures and adjust to the seriousness of the task and dream being pursued.

Conviction – the path taken is the right path for you. The naysayers will say that you can’ t reach your goals, achieve your ambitions, nor live your dreams. You must be unrelentingly, forever focus, and determined to not take no for an answer.

Courage – you must have the temerity to say no if suggestions will threaten your dreams. Choices, compromising positions, – and challenging demands will tempt your very core – but your dream and unquenchable thirst to achieve your goals will guide you

Control – critical to have control of your mind and body. Foreign substances and mind altering drugs can waylay a dream. Dreams can dry up like raisins in the sun if not nurtured. Sex. parties and the in-crowd can truncate a dream, along with the yes men, the fly by nigthers, and the never was.

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