Historical Wealth


Historical Wealth & Social Justice

Given the mega dollars being paid to Black professional athletes, and the history of lack of opportunities combine with social activation ( Jim Brown, Ali, Carlos, Jabbar, etc,) has triggered criticism of the current crop of wealthy athletes that are reaping the rewards of wide spread popularity of sports, driven by the Internet, continued participation of
advertisers, and the emergence  of the significance of money, marketing, and media on the economic explosion of sports worldwide.

The emergence of the Black professional athlete as a influence social change agent, able to capture headlines and attention to a cause, to an extent, unlike in the past, protected by generational wealt and the imniportent outreach of social media ( FaceBook, Twitter, etc) as the conflicts of the Black community and deaths of young Black males collide with the police and the criminal justice system integrated with questions of protest.

Young voices of Black Lives Matter joined with the experiences of civil rights veterans that face the perennial issues of personal and institutional racism, rescinding long fought gains, challenging voting rights barriers, continuing the vigilant necessity to uphold the declarations of the constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independent. The civil war continues in so many ways, accompanied by interposition and nullification.

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