Dr. Dick BarnettWith the future of America at stake, the election played a great part of defining the direction, financially, culturally, racially, and the necessary leadership as the beacon of democratic principles and the goal of many distress peoples to reach the American shore. The election was in many ways the victim of low informational voters, voters driven by tribalism and demographic changes in the social fabric of a changing American society, and the voter that feel nothing in the body politic will impact their own circumstances.

The election also laid bare the continual underbelly and third rail of race that haunts the soul of America and it’s very existence since the first Black slave arrived in chains as property to work and serve the request of the forces of White supremacy and fortify the doctrine of interposition and nullification. The demographic numbers and the reality that America is undergoing a dramatic and fearful shift in ethnic groups, with Latinos, Asians, and African Americans gaining strength and moreunknown political power, the powers that be feel threaten. The primary questions that must be asked surrounds the vagaries of power, corporate interrogatories, entrench gerrymandering, the citadels of unlimited dollars by citizens United,, and unbridled decisions of he Supreme Court, following the formulations of Hamilton, Adams, and Jefferson.

The influence and broad reach of sports combined with the confluence of the Internet, social media, different platforms, all, engage the ideations of constant change, unfiltered information that continues to follow-your-dreamschallenge the enormous sweep of communications and the engagement concerning the relevancy of the electoral college as part of the election process in a modern environment. .The sports cadra, need to add their voices, opinions, suggestions, and recommendations to the expanding dialogue, support the dream paradigm in the encapsulation of the American dream.

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