Political Correctness

Political Correctness

The thoughts and opinions are being influence by the confluences of money, jobs, careers, and to adhere to the  principals of political correctness.  The threats to economic security and livelihoods are being used to silence the beliefs and precedences of current events and historical ideations.  The demanding reality of institutional  principals that support the status quo and reinforce the power brokers and guardians of power, interposition and on going behavior that fits and subscribes to support the misnomer of the student-athlete caught in the throes of deception, corruption, influence, mega-dollars, and long established institutions that atolls the bountiful benefits and purity of amateur sports, embracing sportsmanship – youthful guidance – good behavior, and a moral sense of cooperation and teamwork.

Recent arrests and FBI investigations of involvement of colleges, coaches, administrators, promotional and marketing companies and families reaffirmed and emphasize the sham that too often accompanies the misnomers of student-athletes and the sports paragon invaded by yes men, fly by nighters, and the warnna-bes, and the never was.  Adding the nefarious scholar discipline of one and done has fueled the environment of easy come – easy go without academic responsibilities are visions for a holistic future.  Identifying the young bodies that show potential to blossom into professional talent has turned into this competitive recruitment compendium vying for contracts, under table payoffs, accoutrements, —and the cooperation of willing families.

The enormous growth of sports and popularity of athletes tied to the Internet, coupled with money, marketing, and media has birthed the thirst for institutional control, questionable rules and regulations, academic misinformation, one and done, promise of professionalism and focus on the future as young players visualize their dreams that are many times connected to the hopes and aspirations of others. Corruption and influence of money combined with the impact of being somebody in this theater of make believe in the twenty four hour news cycle of competition, performance, and outcomes that determined the growth of the so called student athlete and eventual transition to a different world beyond the cheers of the crowd and the pat on the back, and the worth of young athletes being appreciated only for their physical talent but also their  minds.

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