The Money Game

The Money Game

Dr. BarnettMoney has emerged as the great influence and motivator of youthful behavior and driver of dreams and unfulfilled expectations. The sports phenomenon has been captured by the inmagination of the world, driven by the Internet, social media, varying platforms, the long arm of marketing, and the impact of organized media in conjunction with advertising has created a economic marketplace and a goal for unfulfilled ambitions.

Mega dollars and guarantee contracts worth millions of dollars, life styles for the, privilege, special talents for the few, perceived role models for easy influence of youth, their peer group, the outreachimages of television, and the availability of ever changing techno environment of the cyber future. Sports have taken on the actions of the mythical action hero, cloaked in the powers of unique abilities and adorned by ever present accolades.

Structural establishment of leagues, conferences and boardroom deals have solidified the minds, hearts, and eyes of millions of fans and supporters of sports, games, and admirers of action heroes, their personas, and abilities to become media darlings. Sports has manifest the ability to become the most watched attraction on super bowltelevision (Super Bowl), the relief from the real world of boring lives, too many bills, unfulfilled dreams, and living vicariously through the performances of others.

So, the money game continuous, from the easily influence teen ager, to young adults, to the caverns of the boardrooms, to the power brokers and rain makers in corporate America.

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