A Bastardized World of Make Believe


Dr BarnettAnother fall from grace, another step from the pillars of perceived power into the forsaken arms of the has been, disgraced and eventually discarded to the forgotten memories of the use to be . The regrettable choices and actions, fueled by the theater of sports, the twenty-four mega hours of drama focusing on the action hero consumed. Lamar Odom, in a bastardized world of make believe, of,excitement, beautiful women, sex and drugs, all making you feel good in a Lamar Odemmasquerade of fore-coming deception

The Lamar Odom saga is a on-going struggle jockeying for the emancipation of the soul of the Athlete Negro. Captivated and separated by wealth from the Black community itself, the money , accoutrements, lifestyle of travel, different associations, foot steps in corridors of privilege and power. In the world of the professional athlete there are always warning signs. Other players that have fallen by the way side,
coaches issue danger signals, teachers push for achievement, parents focus on the future, all, indicative of the realities that impressionable young people face, distorted by exposure, images, and widespread confluence of the Internet that breeds envy – somebodieness – acceptance that conveys you belong.

FlowersLamar Odom, unfortunately, co-opted by the hype and visual high expectations of deceitful acceptance into the structural mainstream as a action hero, and once that glow had faded and dimmed, the frightening face of the real world appears with demands of conformity, everyday occupations, community involvement in family life with children and visions for the future. Preparations, awareness, and education are the shields that condition the inevitable psychological and emotional transition that every athlete must face. If one is not prepared, are does not take seriously that the Athlete Negro still remain an opulent performer in a powerless drama.

In the high visibility of sports, money, media, and marketing are the optimal drivers of popularity with players as the engines for sports, the establishments and leagues of sports, utilizing orientation sessions to advise and offer guidance to negotiate this quagmire of conflated human options, Often paying lip images-2service to their primary investments.

This overpowering and persistent sports dream must be accompanied by a commitment, as Martin Luther King stated, to reach down into the inner chambers of your own soul, and sign with the ink and pen of self assertiveness, your own manhood, and sign your own emancipation proclamation to live your dreams.

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