The unfortunate and surprise death of Tony Gwynn, one of the greatest players in baseball history and a tremendous influence in extolling the virtues of what sports have come to mean Dr Barnettin the social structure and political  construct of the American dream and the revealing of the flawed lives that we all live in the uncertainty in the unknowing search for immortality.

The early departure of Tony Gwynn is being tied to his used of Tobaccospeculated chewing tobacco that led to the cancerous downfall of health, and his valiant struggle, regrettably, to maintain life, a happy family, and a revered place in a community of notoriety, money, media, and marketing.  Was it predestination, or the disregard and attitudes and indifference of the baseball higher arch and the powerful baseball players union that was compressed into a collusion cocoon of protective misplaced power, ignoring the dangers of foreign use of questionable substances entering the body.TONY GWYNN

But, Tony Gwynn cannot go blameless.  Such a discipline hitter and player that understood the nuances of bat control, position of defending players, and the knowledge and reading of opposing pitchers, why didn’t  this superb discipline extend to the concern of his basic health, or was the habit of tobacco use overran his control and the addictive properties of drug use mort into his biological and psychological tributaries causing the onset of a degenerating result   – conjectures abound.

The voices and cry for change and amelioration will be short lived as the wheels of profitability churn and the dictums of the money marketplace continues to buy, sell, smuggle, steal, goods and services demanded and accepted by the populous.  Caught in the unforgiving daily existence of survival, their attention is being impacted and consumed with Mr. Tony Gwynnthe 24 hour news cycle and interpersonal relationships.

Life – at this time is cloaked in the unknown, often buoyed by faith and the reality that no one will live on earth forever face the end alone,  For whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee.

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