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Dr BarnettThe enigma of the behavior of Floyd Mayweather is quite puzzling, A magnificent athlete, great bMoneyoxer with a top notch team of advisors, cooperative supporters, and a flair for the dramatic to elevate his profile and persona as he reaches the apex of an astounding public athletic career.

The conflicts with family, romances, and the law has serve to downgrade his remarkable accomplishments as dedicated world champion in several weight divisions and unbeaten record. This maturation of growth mentally as well as physically, combined with the athletic successes that are a
IMG_0884testimony to dedication and sacrifice, hard work, and the pursue of a dream.

A success in the ring, yes, but, a spectacular rise as a businessman, corporation, and worldwide brand. He has stated, he will retire from boxing, and not stay too long, and have boxing retire him. Floyd Mayweather is a living example of leadership noted in my book, The Athlete Negro – The Awakening, grasping the need to prepare financially and emotionally for the inevitable transition that Floyd-Mayweather-Jr.1every athlete must face.

But, there are few Black athletes that have reach the pinnacle of success, and have been imbued with the awareness sensitivity to expand their good fortune into a social justice paradigm, embracing visions beyond personal wealth and self aggrandizement into broader humanitarian needs that involve racial justice, dignity, humanity, and freedom. In the American matrix, there is a reluctance to take the road less traveled.

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