Dr BarnettThe diaspora of sports bleeds unremittingly and inexorably into the construct of the American dream, encased in the bureaucratic embrace of capitalism, the financial straight jacket, with supporting tributaries of human development and biological, and psychological driven desires, for power, dominance, greed, sexual satisfaction, and religious deity.


The Mockingbird – transformed into the egalitarianFlag portrait of the struggling American, raised in a system constructed by race, military force, misinformation, sense of superiority, has calcified the portals of entree to the American dream.  The  populous, caught in the massive challenge of survival, fueled by political ubiquitous jealousies, envy, hate, love, prejudices, all, the step ladder to continued confrontations and competition to a diminishing reality of the American dream – conflated by the omnipotent confluence of the entrenched oil companies, banks, and Wall Street financial constellations. images-2


While on the ground, in de facto segregated cities, the Mockingbird twists and squeals for a higher minimum wage – economic equality in prosperous environments – the reinstatement of the Voting Rights act – the dissolution of corporations as people – the confronting of police brutality – the evisceration of spookiefied justice with Black men and boys being murdered in the streets – rebuilding of the crumbling physical inter-structure with new bridges, roads – construction jobs not being shipped overseas.


Gyrating and melodically humming for peace, cooperation, and the desire to find a more  salient method to abridge the path to social and financial progress,Capitalism the Mockingbird, attempting to break from the cauldron of selfishness, the ruthless theater of one ups-man-ship, and the finality of street survival slogans, ” I got mine, you get yours”  – This odious manifesto, challenging the proclivities of the grasp for the American dream.


But parenthetically, the cold shoulder of capitalism, reinforced by political gerrymandering and a population threaten by changing demographics seek to hold on the reigns of financial power, echoing the cries and sounds of the ante-bellum South as the Mockingbird demands that the nation adhere to the tendons of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence, as Martin Luther King declared, facing the discombobulated circumstances of the Mockingbird. The Emancipation Proclamation


” That to live one’s dream, one must reach down into the collected resources of your own soul, and sign with the ink and pen of self assertiveness your own manhood, and sign your own Emancipation Proclamation to live your dreams”

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