Dr. Barnett's Testimonials

Dear Dr. Barnett:

The purpose of this note is to thank you for the inspiring and motivational speech you gave at our fourth annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Breakfast. We had over 160 people attend the breakfast and I heard many positive comments about your presentation.

I also wanted to thank you for speaking to the local high school students. Approximately 200 students were able to attend your presentation. As you remember, the students gave you a standing ovation for your message. I know that you helped change lives.

You have lived an amazing life and have embodied Martin Luther King’s message of having and dream and making it happen. You are an example that dreams really can come true. You have succeeded in both athletics and in academics. We wish you nothing but the best as you continue this important work to teach people of all ages the importance of having a dream and demonstrating the persistence to make the dream come true. I hope that we can have you return to Lawrence in the future.”

John J. Conard
Jr-MLK Community Breakfast Chairman

“Men of Color: Self-Determination or Self-Destruction was a tremendous success. Your workshop, and the positive energy you generated in your workshop, ‘Knowledge is Power’ was all appreciated. Our youth could not have a better role model.”

Michael Higgins
Boys Harbor, Inc. New York, NY


“Your remarks were an inspiration to all in attendance. You inspired us too as a role model, as a great athlete, as an educator, and as a concerned individual by giving back to the community”

Mr. Fred Price
Newsday Corporation, Coordinator New York, NY

“Dr. Barnett was an inspiring presence to our Webber students. His approach captivated the students; he motivated, cajoled, challenged, and highlighted their self esteem with just one presentation”

Dr. Earl Harvey
Director “Who Said I Can’t” Tutorial Program, Webber Middle School, Detroit, MI

“It was my observation that the 230 students and staff that were in attendance received the most eloquent message ever brought forth to our student body. The five (5) C’s of your presentation were so well received that they are being incorporated into our 7th and 8th Grade Team Programs. They will be an integral part of our classroom presentations”

Mr. James Deibler
Principal, Steelton-Highspire High School, Steelton, PA

“Dr. Barnett is an outstanding presenter. His motivational speech focusing on dreams was extremely well received by the students and generated many positive comments from the students..”

Dr. Steve Hirabayashi
John O’Connell Alternative High School, San Francisco, CA

“Over four hundred students sat with wide-eyed amazement as you recalled facts of your athletic prowess and unshakable dedication to practice for the game of life”

Mr. James Sawyer
Principal, Stratford Comprehensive High School

“I am writing to thank you for the role you played in making our program ‘A Black Male Symposium; Black Men Will Make A Difference’ a great success. The feedback from everyone has been excellent..”

Dr. Sam Johnson
President for Student Development, Baruch College, New York, NY

“Throughout your life, you have directed your personal goals towards improving the quality of life for others. You are a role model to young Americans – – showing them that they can reach their goals – – not just in sports but in the classroom, the family, the workplace and the community.

Senator Bill Bradley
United States Senate, Washington, DC

Dr. Dick Barnett
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