Dream Behavior


Dr. Dick Barnett

The path and road of the life of professional athletes are challenged by the travails and temptations of an environment hedged and driven by money – marketing – and media. These predicates form the basis of an expanding world of make-believe. Where astronomical dollars and generational wealth has changed the psychological and questionable intellectual capacity of the athlete to understand the attraction, sometimes fatal involvement of sex, drugs, aberrant choices, destructive behavior, and the dichotomous allusions that the dream world of fame and fortune are everlasting.

Understanding the opulent oasis of the sports theater, where the lore of admiration – fulfillment of a dream – achieving an ambition – reaching a goal, all provide the construct in the never before arena of existence, where life will bring opportunities of distractions, parties, beautiful accommodating woman, substances that conflict with the use of the body as the engine that fuels the athletic possibilities and supports the passion and dream that drives one to achieve, the array of yes men offering untold investments, family members that want to be included, the ever present hanger-ons that surrounds the drama of the sports action hero.

Choices and awareness are the cornerstones and guidepost’s for young athletes pursuing a dream that can be threaten by injury, aberrant behavior, lost of position, politics, and human relationships. These events and circumstances can truncate a athletic dream. Passion remains the key to fuel the dream, to keep one focus, to nurture a desire, and summon forth a trumpet that will never call retreat, because dreams can dry up like raisins in the sun if not nourished everyday.





Dr. Dick Barnett

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